Miami Heat vs. Boston Celtics: Eat the Teams Today at Coco's Corner Cafe

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Sebastian Dominguez
Heat or Celtics? It's one tasty decision.
Are you a Heat fan? Sure, that questions sounds easy, but since many south Floridians come from the northeast, there could, potentially, be just as many Boston Celtics fans out there.

Look around you and put your conspiracy theory goggles on. Didn't the guy in accounting run the Boston Marathon once? And your boss once ordered some Boston clam chowder for lunch last month, didn't she....

Want to settle this once and for all? Don't wait until tonight's game. Challenge them to a lunchtime dog-off at Coco's Corner Cafe, located inside the Cornerstone office park (DHL headquarters) at 1210 S. Pine Island Road in Plantation.

Chef/owner Sebastian Dominguez has created a special Heat vs. Celtics dog combo where you can eat your way through both teams.
The Miami Heat dog is topped with a house made five chili onion sauce, mozzarella cheese sauce and topped with bacon bits. The dog is decked out in Heat colors and the five chili peppers in the sauce represent the starting five players. The bacon bits? Well, those Heat players are hams and they sure do bring home the bacon.

The Boston Celtics dog is topped with a house made Scotch bonnet pepper mustard, sweet pickle relish and chopped onions.The sweet pickle relish is not only green for the Celtics, but, according to Dominguez, Bostonians love mustard, relish, and chopped onions on their wieners.

$7.50 buys you both dogs. We asked Dominguez the obvious hypothetical -- what if you hate the other team so much you simply can't down a representative hot dog -- even in effigy? "Yeah, you can get two Heat dogs instead."

Dominguez said that he'll be creating team hot dogs throughout the rest of the season. Check the cafe's blog for the daily special.

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Wow Charlie, thanks for the great write up!  In honor of this and the fact that maybe some of you couldnt make it in time. I'm going to be doing the same set again (Heat, Celtics) next Wed 17, for the next Heat home game. I wont do an Orlando dog, (yet) but I will give every clean plate charlie reader a free cookie if they mention seeing this blog post. 

 Again, thanks Charlie for talking about the little guys!

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