German Bread Haus Bakes Bavarian Delights in Fort Lauderdale

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Zach Fagenson
The pink-and-red gingerbread-looking house on East Commercial Boulevard could have been plucked out of Epcot Center's German pavilion and dropped in the middle of Fort Lauderdale.

Sure Norma and Dieter Dauer sell apple and cherry strudel, poppy-seed cake, and crumb cake out of the pocket-sized house that Hansel and Gretel could call home. Yes, they've got an almost endless, always-changing selection of buttery cookies, including soft butter cookies filled with sweet raspberry jelly and bittersweet chocolate ones filled with sweetened shredded coconut.

However, the German Bread Haus' bread, to be cliché, is their bread and butter. They sell more than a dozen kinds of loaves, everything from an organic four-seed fruit-and-nut bread to a Bavarian farmer's rye.

Norma repeatedly emphasizes that they're whole grain and organic and that people don't know how to spot a healthy loaf.

"People are still not understanding whole grains enough," she argued. The way grains are processed today, milled using steel rollers, removes their skin, germ, fiber, and much of the nutrition.

That's why the two bought a stone mill that works similar to those used in ancient Egypt that leaves more of the good stuff on the grain. Despite the health benefits, even too much whole grain may not be a good thing.

"A bread with 100 percent whole grain would be like a little brick," Norma said, "so you have to have some sort of flour with the whole grain to make it palatable for most people's tastes."

Some of their breads are quite dense and chewy, almost like a fresh-baked biscotti. Yet what they lack in the stick-to-your-mouth texture department (à la Wonder Bread), they make up for in flavor.

The blackbread pumpernickel, which is available only in the store, was more brown than the deep black we're used to seeing in pumpernickels. There's the unmistakable flavor of rye and rye berries along with a hint of anise, providing a fleeting licorice flavor.

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German Bread Haus

311 E. Commercial Blvd., Oakland Park, FL

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Ade Spindler
Ade Spindler

eu quero.. voce leva tia adri?? rsrs sim!!! nos vamos:-))


Hi Zach, How wonderful, now,  how to get it on my German Bread Haus and Norma's Place FaceBook page. I managed to get it on my page. Now I've registered to follow you and you gang... :) Norma


@Adriana Santiago yo hablo espanol...un poquito :)

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