Riverside Market Owner Names Top Five Dogfish Head Beers

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Natalya Jones

"Most people hoard baseball cards or cats" says Julian Siegel, straightening up his Dogfish Head bottles. "But me? I collect beer." Siegel, owner of Riverside Market, has collected three generations of Dogfish Head beer over the last four years. When asked why, this beer connoisseur responds with a grin. "I love beer, obviously. [Dogfish Head] has amazing quality. There's music in their beer [titles]."

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Last night, Siegel brought out the beers from his office to sell for Dogfish Head Vintage Bottle Night. Never-ending lines of people waited to buy one of a kind Dogfish Head that was once sold years ago. Siegel had 17 different beers on display with two or three crates of each kept in the dark depths of the restaurants coolers. Between rushing around with his sales and managing his restaurant, Siegel took time out to tell us his top five favorite beers from his collection.

Natalya Jones

5. 90 Minute IPA
Siegel provided an interesting description for this one: "This has 9% alcohol. It's smooth and hoppy, but almost like it's aged already." Also, here's a fun fact: 90 Minute was the first beer that Dogfish had continuously hopped. We say, great success!

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Natalya Jones
If drinking this beer is cool, consider me Miles Davis!

4. Miles Davis Bitches Brew
Siegel looked slightly stumped trying to describe this one. Finally, he came up with a description. "It's a sweet stout, with honey." We like how you described it, man.

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