BC Tacos Food Truck Opens Cafe in Davie

All photos courtesy of Brett Chiavari
BC Cafe is open in Davie.

BC Cafe, the restaurant that shares a caveman and some great tacos with BC Tacos food truck, has opened its doors in Davie (4801 S. University Drive).

With a brick-and-mortar restaurant comes room to grow, so the café expands on the BC Tacos food truck menu with salads, sliders, wraps, and burgers for lunch and dinner.

Breakfast is served too, offering omelets, pancakes, muffins, and tacos. Tacos for breakfast? If we could have burritos as a morning meal, BC owner Brett Chiavari figures, "why not?"

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What's most surprising -- and welcome -- about the new café? The restaurant may be stationary, but the prices are strictly food-truck affordable. For instance, any taco, including the hunter (steak), the t-rex (chicken), the encino man (buffalo mahi), the stone age shrimp (shrimp), or the gatherer (fried avocado) is only $4 each. Wraps and salads are all under $10, and sliders are a mere three bucks each.

Chiavari tells Clean Plate Charlie that he purposely tried to keep prices down. "We're trying to keep the tradition of the food truck, because that's what works for us. We want to have a fast, casual atmosphere where you can get a high-quality product at an affordable price."

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