Join the Palm Beach Rare Fruit Council and Learn How to Grow Rambutan, Grumichama and Mangosteen

There is also a table set aside for seed exchange and raffles, as well as a small gathering area where members bring home-baked goods using their exotic fruits to share with the group. Both services are available to paying members free of charge, but are not open to the public.

If you're interested in sampling the fruit, but don't want to attend the chapter's monthly meetings, stay tuned, said Gomes. The council is in the process of building an online fruit stand that will make it possible for members and owners of rare and exotic fruit trees and plans to share their bounty with the rest of us.

Palm Beach Rare Fruit Council
The Rare Fruit Council s dedicated to promoting the cultivation and use of tropical and rare fruits in south Florida.
"We are always being asked by members of the public where they can buy [our] fruit. Many of them do not have land to plant on or are too busy to grow their own," said Gomes. "We are hoping to provide a service [through our website] where club members...who have excess fruit...will be able to post what they have available online and sell it."

Interested in becoming a member? A one-year membership costs $25, and once enrolled you will receive a monthly newsletter, have access to the website's educational resources and will be able to attend a variety of organized field trips to members' yards and local orchards. Members can also choose from a variety of free classes, including a popular propagation class to learn how to graft and air-layer tropical fruit trees.

Looking for more ways to get involved in a good cause? Try volunteering: The council also provides a number of volunteer opportunities to participate as part of the group's committee, or any one of its annual events including the council's twice-yearly plant sale where they sell fruit trees, seeds and plants to the general public. This year's fruit sales will take place April 20 and June 20 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the South Florida Fairgrounds.

To sign up go here, or for more information on the Palm Beach chapter of the Rare Fruit Council visit the website or Facebook page.

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