Plan Burrito: The New Spot on Fort Lauderdale Beach

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All photos by Sara Ventiera
Plan B's generally are not a good thing. Whether it's your backup plan for some kind of failure or the results of last night's sordid love affair, it's not exactly a connotation for the apex of life experiences. 

Well, rather fittingly, Fort Lauderdale Beach now has a Plan B -- it's not some sort of clinic. Actually, it's called Plan Burrito. The new burrito shop is situated next to B-Ocean on A1A.

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The small shop specializes in build-your-own burritos, burrito bowls, and salad bowls. Starting at $5.99, a 12-inch burrito -- or burrito bowl or salad -- comes with choice of Plan B, beef; Plan C, chicken; Plan P, pork; Plan T, tofu; or Plan V, veggies. Two toppings essences are included: spanish rice, brown rice, black or red beans, shredded lettuce or spinach, or arugula. You get choice of four fresh fillings: tomato, cucumber, mixed cheese, onions, black olives, pineapple, jalapeños, pico de gallo, sour cream, corn, or cilantro. For the health-conscious, the menu has a breakdown of each ingredient's nutritional information.

Location Info

Plan Burrito

917 N. Atlantic Blvd., Fort Lauderdale, FL

Category: Restaurant

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No wonder not a soul has wrote a review. It is not worth the money. Trust me. I worked there for a week and the owners expected me to work 4 hours for free to train. Hello We are in America not Mexico.. Get a grip. They still owe me money.. LOL My bad

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