New York Grilled Cheese Co.: Wilton Manors' Newest Grilled Cheese and Frozen Yogurt Shop

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Grilled cheese, America's favorite childhood after-school snack, has been a trendy adult meal for the past few years now. What was once a Kraft single melted between two grilled slices of Wonder Bread has been upgraded to gruyere, brie, and onion jam.

But it doesn't seem like the trend has really gone anywhere since its peak. Has the grilled cheese gone stagnant?

Wilton Manors just introduced its newest grilled cheese/ self-serve fro-yo shop for a serious junk food combo upgrade in the gayborhood.

Take that, Kraft-Wonder Bread.

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The entrance from Wilton Drive.
Situated directly on Wilton Drive, the bright pink building is clearly marked, but if you step into a yogurt shop and feel slightly confused, you wouldn't be the first person to feel that way. The grilled cheese portion of the shop opened about two weeks ago, in the already existing Nuts About Yogurt. The pairing adds up to become a lactose intolerant's worst nightmare, but for the non-dairy challenged, it can be quite the experience.

Location Info

New York Grilled Cheese

2207 Wilton Drive, Wilton Manors, FL

Category: Restaurant

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