How To Bake Cupcakes Inside Your Easter Eggs

Come Sunday morning, what's the first thing you'll be guaranteed to stuff your face with after an exhausting Easter basket hunt? Will it be fruit-flavored jelly beans, a block of rabbit-shaped chocolate or an entire box of florescent pink Peeps?

Guess again. Before you reach for that basket of sugar the Easter Bunny left you, chances are you'll probably be cracking open a semi-cold, dye-stained hard boiled egg. Stinky and unappealing as it may seem, we all know it's coming. But it doesn't have to be this way -- especially not if your eggs are filled with something a little more appetizing.

Say, something like vanilla cake? Stefani Pollack -- editor, photographer and official taste-tester for her blog dubbed the Cupcake Project -- shares with us her method and recipe for baking cupcakes inside egg shells for an extra-special holiday treat.

"You can bake any cupcake recipe in cleaned-out egg shells, and when you are ready to eat the cake, you just crack the egg and dig in," Pollack explains. "Ah-mazing!"

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Don't let a little tactical maneuvering of cake batter into eggshells scare you away from this fun holiday recipe. Take it from the pro: anyone can do it with the right tools and a little patience. After all, Pollack herself had never even baked a Betty Crocker cupcake before offering to churn out dozens of them for her friend's 2006 wedding.

"In doing so, I began to go a bit cupcake crazy," Pollack states on her blog. Today, her cupcake obsession has grown to become a true passion project -- one that has landed her features in magazines including People and Better Homes and Gardens for her astonishingly creative custom cupcake baking ideas posted on Cupcake Project.

Even though it took Pollack about nine months to learn how to bake wedding-worthy cupcakes, her tips and tricks for baking them inside egg shells can be learned in a single afternoon. For step-by-step instructions on Pollack's latest Easter egg cupcake recipe that includes a faux cream cheese icing "yolk" center, keep reading:

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