Everyone's a Food Critic: Kids, Cartoons, and Pugs

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Screenshot from YouTube
Pablo the Pug is a critic.
Every now and then us food writers are reminded that although our jobs are cool, we're not "all that and a bag of foie gras-flavored chips".

So, when we heard that a Pug was the latest hot new food critic, we had to investigate him. True, he does an admirable job, but do you really trust a creature who sniffs his own butt to advise you where to bring a date for dinner?

So we dug a little deeper and found five of the best food critics around. From people singing the virtues of fast food to cartoon characters -- here are our favorite internet food critics.

5. Daym Drops
Daym Drops is probably the most enthusiastic food reviewer in the world. Daym conducts his reviews in his car -- all the while yelling, singing, and screaming.

Our favorite part? His freestyle riff on the Candy Man song. This is one guy who loves his job.

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