Bikinii Coffee Closes After One Month in Business

Bikinii Coffee has closed its doors after a month in business.
Less than a month after its opening, Bikinii Coffee in Riviera Beach has closed.

The shop, located just off Blue Heron Boulevard, opened mid-February with a premise that we thought would be a slam-dunk hit -- well-priced coffee and light breakfast and lunch fare -- served to you by young ladies in patriotic bikinis.

Sadly, the endeavor didn't seem to pan out. Bikinii Coffee owner Ray Webber sent Clean Plate Charlie an email, stating, "Yes I have closed and will have equipment auction March 19 (Tuesday). I came 2 realize after 2 weeks I am not cut out 4 food service industry. 2 time consuming..."

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Webber is a general contractor who opened Bikinii Coffee after hearing about the Twin Peaks coffee truck in Denver, which features servers in swimsuits.

Bikinii Coffee was the first of a new group of "breastaurants" scheduled to open in South Florida. The Tilted Kilt, which features "kilt girls" dressed as naughty prep-school girls, and Twin Peaks, starring the Lumber Jills, are both slated to open in Broward County.

Maybe Bikinii Coffee was in the wrong location. Maybe the young ladies weren't... um... trashy enough (the coeds who worked there looked more like Gidget on holiday than a Playboy centerfold). Or maybe we should just leave coffee to the experts in Seattle, where Cowgirls Espresso has 13 locations that serve fresh coffee and pasties pastries daily.

If you really must have your caffeinated beverage served by scantily dressed girls, just remember that in addition to wings and pitchers of beer, Hooters serves hot coffee and tea.

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Bikinii Coffee - CLOSED

1289 E. Blue Heron Blvd., Riviera Beach, FL

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girl on the left needs some socks...


His wife made him close it down....End of story!


They didn't even advertise anywhere that I know of, so people in the area knew nothing about it. I live in PBG and only read about it here.

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