Bartender Q&A: The Modern Mixologist Tony Abou-Ganim on Pairings, Negronis, and Adventurous Females

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Sara Ventiera
The Modern Mixologist Tony About-Ganim sampling some Pisco Sours at the SoBeWFF
This past weekend was a busy one for South Florida foodies. Broward had some porcine deliciousness at Baconfest. Miami featured the epic South Beach Wine and Food Festival. Fortunately, for us, we got to do a bit of both.

While we were there we got to sample some amazing food, drink some darned good cocktails, and meet a bunch of celebrity chefs and mixologist. Seeing as we have a bit of a soft spot for the art of mixology--and yes, we're aware, it might be a problem--we decided to have an industry chat with the Las Vegas-based, Modern Mixologist, Tony Abou-Ganim.

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Clean Plate Charlie: Hometown/ High School?
Abou-Ganim: Born and raised in Port Huron Michigan, graduated from Port Huron Northern in 1978.

How long have you been in the industry?
32 years

I knew I wanted to be a mixologist when ____.
I sat at my Cousin Helen David's bar, the Brass Rail, on the eighteenth birthday and my cousin Tony prepared all the classics for me. I fell in love with the Manhattan and the art & profession of bartending that night.

Favorite drink to make?

Least favorite drink to make?
Long Island Ice Tea

Strangest drink requested?
Scotch and dill pickle juice over ice

What's your favorite spirit?
Campari, but I love all my children...

What's your favorite thing to drink after work?
A cold Miller Hi Life...or a Negroni...or both

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