Tilted Kilt Coming to Hallandale: Meet the Kilt Girls (Photos)

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Tilted Kilt
Meet the Kilt Girls.
If neon orange isn't your color, maybe plaid is more your thing? If so, meet the Kilt Girls from The Tilted Kilt.

These babes, dressed in a innocent-Scottish-schoolgirl-turns-naughty-vixen uniform, want to serve you beer and big-arse burgers...and they are coming to Hallandale.

The restaurant chain, based in Arizona, is opening its first south Florida outpost soon.

The restaurant (we promise not to say breastaurant -- oops we just did), is slated to open at 606 E. Hallandale Beach Boulevard well in time for St. Patrick's Day.

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The menu features items like drunken clams, five quid squid, the above mentioned big-arse burgers...do we need to go on? Do you really care?  The servers are dressed as naughty schoolgirls...in plaid!

Remember Brit Brit when she was all hot? That's what we're talking about! Plus, we bet at least one will be rocking pigtails and eyeglasses!

The scantily-clad restaurant server isn't new, of course. The Playboy Clubs famously had bunnies serving up smart cocktails and dinner to Don Draper types. Mai Kai has their hula babes -- so proud of serving up Tiki drinks in sarongs that they have an alumni page on Facebook.  And, of course, there's Bikini Coffee Shop, set to open on Singer Island any day now.

Sex sells. And it certainly sells food and drink. If given the choice, would you rather  wear an ass-skimming kilt or T.G.I. Friday's suspenders-and-flair? We want to know!

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Tilted Kilt via facebook
Tilted Kilt is coming to Hallandale.

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