Ten Best Chocolate Beers -- Seduce Your Valentine!

What's better for a beer snob than chocolate on Valentine's Day? Chocolate beer.
For beer snobs, their love of beer comes in a close second only to their true loves. But there is nothing that says "I love you" more on Valentine's Day than getting them a six'er of chocolate beer.

Brewers make chocolate beers in a variety of ways, whether adding chocolate to the brewing process or using chocolate malts. The style usually comes in the form of a stout. The flavor of chocolate stout is rich and tasty and the smell is aromatic. When chocolate beer hits your lips, it's like an alcoholic chocolate explosion. 

Here are the top ten chocolate beers to look for in area stores (listed in no particular order).

10. Rogue Chocolate Stout

Originally created for export to Japan, Rogue Chocolate Stout was released for the U.S. market on Valentine's Day in 2001. It comes in draft or in a 22-ounce "bomber" bottle and rated at 6 percent alcohol-by-volume (ABV). It retails for $8.49 at Total Wine and More.

9. Young's Double Chocolate Stout

Dubbed as a milk stout, Young's Double Chocolate Stout comes in single pint pint bottles ($9), 4-pack bottles ($9) or in 4-pack, 15 ounce cans ($9), or in draft of course. It weighs in at 5.2 percent alcohol. It's dark, rich and creamy and a little sweet to taste.

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Turbodog can't even be remotely considered a chocolate beer. Not by a stretch.

Michael Sauer
Michael Sauer

FYI...big bear brewing in Coral Springs currently has a chocolate stout on tap that is amazing..


@Michael Sauer Funky Buddha has a dark chocolate raspberry saison that is delicious too.

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