Salt Life Food Shack in Coral Springs: A First Look

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Salt Life Food Shack - Lobster Roll.jpgThe Lobster Roll

Salt life focuses on making everything from scratch. The coastal fare features dishes like ceviches, sushi rolls, Ensenada tacos, east coast shrimp rolls and soft-shell crab BLTs, as well as the standard ribs burgers, and wings. The restaurant also has a fairly large list of craft beers and cocktails. According to Leahy, each locations menu will differ slightly depending on the local population. "The menus are a bit different in both locations," he says, "We have clam chowder on the menu here, because South Florida has a large Northeastern population. Throughout the country people's definition of a salt life is different."

Salt Life Food Shack - Conch Fritters.jpg
Salt Life's Conch Fritters

Avid fishermen and divers themselves, Leahy and Saig liked the brand's homage to the oceanic lifestyle. As of right now there are plans for two new locations: Stuart and Fort Lauderdale. The Stuart location, which is located on an old bridge, is going to be a ways out due to the engineering factors in the design. Fort Lauderdale, which is currently in the works, can happen quickly. Currently Leahy and his partner are in talks with the City of Fort Lauderdale. And they are keeping quiet about the location until all of the details have been sorted out.

Salt Life Food Shack - Lobster.jpg

In addition to its 'weekly get-togethers'--i.e. different specials every day of the week--the restaurant will be featuring a Valentine's Day special this Thursday through Saturday. For $19.99, it includes a six ounce sirloin, a five ounce lobster tail, and a side.

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Rebecca Anne
Rebecca Anne

It's a pretty restaurant. The food is pretty good too - not the most varied menu, but what they do have is good. You can get a lobster boil for around $16. The Caliche Poke Bowl is my favorite - raw tuna, wilted spinach, sticky rice, avocado chunks, and soy sauce. It's my parents' favorite new place.

Kemberley Chase
Kemberley Chase

I went during the first week of opening and there were plenty of hiccups as can be expected but I do have to say the menu is not very creative, it actually seems a bit redundant.


What a terrible choice of name for a high blood pressure with all overly salted meals. Oh, you mean salt water life....only Floridians will get it.

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