Salt Life Food Shack in Coral Springs: A First Look

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Have you happened to notice the increasingly prolific Salt Life stickers on the back of cars and SUVs? If not, we're wondering where the heck you have been. They're everywhere.

Now the ubiquitous Salt Life brand has taken on a new life in the form of a small chain of restaurants. The second location--the first is in Jacksonville--opened about nine months ago in Coral Springs. And more are slated to come.

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Bill Leahy and Greg Saig, two former Outback guys, approached the founders of the Salt Life brand about the concept for Salt Life Food Shack. They pay a fee and sell the attire in-store, but aside from that the founders of the brand are not involved in the day to day operations of the restaurant. 

Salt Life Food Shack - Dining Room 01.jpg

The restaurants draw from the brand's beachy, surfer vibe with cool blues and turquoise colors, oceanic inspired prints, and surf and fishing themed decor. The spot has an old Florida beach-cottage feel with reclaimed wood floors and wire brushed oak for the bar. There is even a life-sized sailfish displayed behind the bar. Each restaurant is intended to bring local components to the design of the spot. While all of the existing and planned sites are in Florida, if the restaurant moves out state, Leahy says they plan to include local components. According to him, "If you reflect the indigenous species in the water, people will respond."

Salt Life Food Shack - Full Bar 02.JPG

The food is a combination of coastal fare from around the world with a large emphasis on tropical components, specifically Costa Rica. Leahy and his partner have sourced recipes from restaurants they have visited on trips. Caliche's Poke Bowl is an example. In exchange for his name on the menu Caliche, a restaurant owner in Jaco Beach in Costa Rica, gave Leahy his poke marinade recipe.

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Rebecca Anne
Rebecca Anne

It's a pretty restaurant. The food is pretty good too - not the most varied menu, but what they do have is good. You can get a lobster boil for around $16. The Caliche Poke Bowl is my favorite - raw tuna, wilted spinach, sticky rice, avocado chunks, and soy sauce. It's my parents' favorite new place.

Kemberley Chase
Kemberley Chase

I went during the first week of opening and there were plenty of hiccups as can be expected but I do have to say the menu is not very creative, it actually seems a bit redundant.


What a terrible choice of name for a high blood pressure with all overly salted meals. Oh, you mean salt water life....only Floridians will get it.

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