PETA's Sexiest Vegan Next Door: Meatless Hotties Wanted

Colleen from Cuyahoga Falls is one of the sexy vegan contestants.
We consistently have to give PETA credit for its brilliant marketing strategies.

To make their point, they'll use any trick in the advertising playbook -- including sex, sex, and more sex.

Take, for example, their Sexiest Vegan Next Door contest, which seeks out the hottest vegan with the best bod. And, as with every year, they're looking for entrants.

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If eating nothing but veggies has paid for you by giving you a glowing complexion and a slamming body, you've got until March 8 to submit a photo. Then you and your fellow vegans will be judged by the public, starting on March 11.

The sexiest vegan will win a trip for two to Hawaii, where you can indulge in sun, sand, and frozen blender drinks (and avoid the pig roasts like they carried ebola).

Think you can't possibly win? Let us remind you that Pembroke Pines resident Malik Kalonji took his beautiful veggie-loving self all the way to the finals last year.

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