Jack's Hollywood Diner to Star in Episode of Graceland

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Jack's Hollywood Diner via Facebook
Jack's Diner -- gone Hollywood.
Graceland, the USA Network television series that mixes crime fighting with the Jersey Shore, has come to Hollywood...Florida to film.

The series, which has DEA, Customs, and FBA agents living together in a southern California beachfront seized from a drug lord/Elvis fan (hence the name, Graceland), is filming in south Florida. 

One of the location spots chosen to star in the show? Jack's Hollywood Diner.

The diner is a perfectly preserved retro train car eatery that's served good food and hot coffee to hungry south Floridians for 60 years now.

Opened in 1953 as Freddy's Diner, the restaurant was purchased by Jack and Wanita Garner a few years later (hence the name change). The current owners, Steven and Denis Grenier purchased Jack's in 1995 and have been running the diner ever since.

Jack's was closed a few hours for filming yesterday afternoon. The diner, which prides itself on serving customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week, hasn't been closed since Hurricane Katrina blew down all the awnings and shut the diner down for a week.

Graceland via Facebook
Graceland on USA, filmed in Hollywood, Florida.

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Jack's Hollywood Diner

1031 N. Federal Highway, Hollywood, FL

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