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Lately, it seems like every other day there is a new place opening up in Hollywood. For years, the city was known more for French Canadian snowbirds than anything new and exciting. Obviously, that's starting to change. 

Cue Inedit, Hollywood's newest Spanish spot. Derived from the Spanish word inedito -- something that exists, but needs to be discovered -- the restaurant, bar, and lounge focuses on all things Spanish: from food to flamenco. 

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Brothers Luis and Jose Varela opened the spot after Thanksgiving last year in the space formerly occupied by La Barraca. Their goal is to bring homemade Spanish cuisine and Spanish culture to the Hollywood area. The restaurant serves an array of tapas and other traditional Spanish dishes like paella and stuffed peppers. According to Luis Varela, "The food and recipes come from my grandmother and mother. It's really Spanish food -- more than most local restaurants. Rather than Latin food in general, we just focus on Spanish." 

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Photo courtesy Inedit
Inedit's octopus pulpo a la gallega

Currently, the pair are working on a cocktail list, but they say sangria is the spot's specialty. Inedit serves both red and white sangria for $8 a glass/ $30 a pitcher.

"We're trying to do a Barcelona-style place," says Luis, "Really good drinks. Really good meals. And then you can dance and stay here all night. It's a party all the time like in Spain."

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Photo Courtesy Inedit
Inedit's evening disco-tech 

The spot frequently features Spanish stand-up, flamenco, and gypsy nights shows. Shows generally start at around 8:00 or 8:30pm, followed by another at 10:00pm. After the shows the restaurant turns into a lounge with a live DJ, starting around 10:30pm. 

The restaurant offers $5 valet parking from 6:00pm to close.

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115 S. 20th Ave., Hollywood, FL

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