Hippocrates Executive Chef Ken Blue: How to Make Raw Vegan Sushi

Step 7: Once you have your tuck, move the curled single roll section of the sushi back to the edge of the mat closest to you. Continue rolling. Stop when your roll looks like the photo above. You should have at least an inch left unrolled. You will need this section to "seal" your roll shut.
Step 8: You're almost done! To seal the edge of the nori paper to the roll, simply wet the unrolled portion of nori with some water (you can dab your fingers in a bowl of water and rub or sprinkle it on, or use a brush).

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@kris222 Ha. I LOVE the name of this blog, too. Couldn't have said it better myself, and that's a great option for another way to make the same type of snack. Thanks for the share!

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