Hippocrates Executive Chef Ken Blue: How to Make Raw Vegan Sushi

Step 1: Place your nori sheet "shiny side" down on the bamboo mat, making sure the edge of the nori is in line with the edge of mat. Take note of the dotted horizontal cuts (seen clearly above) along the length of the sheet. Use them as markers for how far to spread your sushi "stuffing" before rolling.
Step 2: For all you 100-percent-raw vegans out there, skip this step. For those who prefer using some sticky rice, now is the time to spread a few spoonfuls within the first two rectangular sections on your nori sheet, then proceed to the next step. For a rice alternative, you can also consider using quinoa or sprouted kamut (shown above). Also, for a grain-free alternative -- but a little more flavor -- consider spreading a thin layer of hummus over the nori like you would rice.

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@kris222 Ha. I LOVE the name of this blog, too. Couldn't have said it better myself, and that's a great option for another way to make the same type of snack. Thanks for the share!

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