Cowboy's Saloon in Davie: Gettin' My Country On

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Hannah Sentenac
Where country girls shake it
Once upon a time, there was a bar. Said bar sat in a nondescript strip mall in a semi-suburban neighborhood, its door guarded by burly bouncers in cowboy hats. It was home to a mechanical bull, line dancing lessons and lots of camo. And in what far away land did this bar reside? Why Davie, of course.

Contrary to popular belief, South Florida has a hefty contingency of folks who drive pick-up trucks, listen to country music and don duds from Grifs Western. And on Fridays, they like to gather at Cowboy's Saloon in Davie for a little line dancing and a lot of drinking.

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As a former Dallas resident, I drive an oversized, Miami-inappropriate pick-up truck, listen to KISS Country and wear the occasional pointed boot. I do draw the line at cowboy hats (exceptions made for Toby Keith concerts). But with my affinity for western culture, when a friend told me about Cowboy's Saloon, I was down to get 'er done.

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We decided to head up on a Friday night - ladies' night. Ladies' night means free drinks (bottom shelf liquor and Bud Select) from 9 p.m. to close, and free entrance for cowgirls. Cowpokes still have to pay, but the $5 cover is so worth the copious amounts of chicks they'll be exposed to.

We arrive early, and the crowd is still primarily dinner guests. The massive space has a front area lined with tables and a main bar, where a PG crowd of moms in American flag jackets and dads in over-sized belt buckles can nosh on rocky mountain oysters, pulled pork sandwiches and baby back ribs. Further back, it lays out into an adults-only club, with a massive dance floor, mechanical bull and pool room.

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Cowboy's Saloon

1805 S. University Drive, Davie, FL

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