Brett Collins, Mixologist at Hullabaloo, Creates "Kitchen Cocktails"

Nicole Danna
The Mercury, a combination of Nolet's gin, Cointreau, Lillet with muddled lemon, agave and mint.
Take Collins' favorite cocktail on the menu, the "Morrison." The drink begins with Pierre Ferrand Ambre, a superluxe cognac with flavors of apricot, honey, fig, and just a hint of citrus. Rather than ruin the taste of the brandy with an average triple sec, Collins pairs it with Clement's Creole Shrubb, an artisanal orange liqueur made with sun-bleached curaçao orange peels aged in oak casks with a secret blend of spices, pure cane sugar, and a blend of white and aged rums. The drink is finished with a dash of orange bitters and a touch of agave syrup.

Another trend you'll see happening at Hullabaloo: the use of innovative ingredients like aloe vera juice and fresh coconut water, each imparting a unique flavor when mixed with certain spirits. Similarly, Collins has been infusing high-end aperitifs like Dolin Vermouth (a French fortified herbal wine) and Lillet (a French aperitif that fuses Bordeaux wines and citrus liqueur). 

It's what makes the "Tupac," so special -- a drink that blends Basil Hayden bourbon with Tuaca, a sweet vanilla-citrus liqueur that has been muddled with fresh orange. Or take Hullabaloo owner Rodney Mayo's personal favorite: the "Ian." Made with Jameson Irish whiskey, orange bitters, fresh-muddled citrus, and a dash of Italian amaretto-flavored Di Saronno liqueur and finished with fresh-pressed thyme.

"Because I'm not using any sugar, these are true 'skinny' drinks," said Collins. "But they don't taste that way. Your drink should have just as much flavor as the meal you're pairing it with. In fact, each of my drinks can be considered a meal themselves."

That's especially true of his take on the bloody mary, here made as one of his signature "kitchen cocktails," a specialty house-made tomato-based mix cooked fresh each week with a secret blend of spices and ingredients including cayenne pepper, fresh basil, and porcini mushrooms. Dubbed the Smoke N' Mary, it's an intense, flavorful kickoff for the bar's new Sunday brunch, which can be made with a choice of tequila or vodka, garnished with prosciutto-wrapped Manchego cheese and a slice of cucumber and celery.

Below, Collins offers up the "Mercury," a cocktail made with Nolet's gin and lemon-infused Lillet. Garnished with a mint sprig, it's surprisingly well-balanced, zesty, fresh, and fragrant.

Starting Sunday, March 3, Hullabaloo will begin serving a regular Sunday brunch from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. To learn more about Hullabaloo, visit the restaurant Facebook page or call 561-833.1033.

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