BaconFest Florida 2013: Todd Fisher, Host of United States of Bacon Says You Can't Overdose on Bacon

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Any ways you haven't yet seen bacon utilized but you'd like to?
Something we didn't feature was, there's an old technique called larding where you would take something like fat, like pieces of pork belly fat, and you could lard that into drier pieces of meet when you cooked it, it would melt inside there.

You basically poke holes into roast and lard in these strips of fat. I haven't yet seen anybody larding bacon into anything, probably because it's not as easy as it sounds. I just don't think we haven't got there yet but I think its definitely coming

Have you ever had a bad bacon dish?
There is nothing I've seen that hasn't been good. We were at a place in Baltimore called Bad Decisions and we were sitting around brainstorming as the owner of the bar was kind of coming out of his drunken hangover stupor. We were like, I guess we can't set up just yet, so we brainstormed what would be fun, what would be a bad decision we could make with bacon. Could we make something bad? We could not find a single thing that was bad, we even tried wrapping those disgusting maraschino cherries in bacon. We thought, this is gonna be horrible. We deep fried them to get the bacon crispy. It was spectacular. They use in them in bacon Manhattans. It was so good, we thought it was gonna be disgusting but it made the cherries delicious.

Do you ever get tired of bacon?
I have yet to find myself tired of it. I get palate fatigued at times to where I can't tell the difference anymore, all tastes like salty, crispy. But have I ever been bored or sick of it? No, even to the point for Valentine's Day we got up and we were making the kid's breakfast and I was sizzling bacon. I went outside and came back in and oh, that just amazing kind of sexy, smoky, salty aroma in the air. Nope, it's still good.

Have you ever attended a Baconfest before?
I've been to one bacon festival before but I went as a guest, an attendee. I had no responsibilities other than to eat my own fair share of bacon. It was outstanding. And the Bacon Brothers playing, it can't get any better. He and I happened to be on Rachel Ray the day she was doing a big bacon day. I got a chance to meet him we were alking about the festival, we're both excited.

His nephew and I have become ... I love how you use the terms "friends" on Facebook now. His nephew might fly down for the festival as well. I'm excited we get to hang out. Maybe they'll invite me on stage and let me do one song! To sing, I am not gifting when it comes to an instrument, although I can bang the hell out of some drums.

I plan to have a really good time which generally means the 10 or 15 people standing around me are gonna have a fantastic time.

Have you tried the bacon infused liquors?
The only kind you can buy in the grocery store is bacon vodka which was ok. It was like a lot of the artificial bacon kind of gag gifts. They don't taste great. But when I was at Please Don't Tell in NYC we had a bacon old fashioned. They did it with Benton's bacon and a hot fat rendering. They heat the fat up so it's all the smoky drippings of the bacon and then while it's molten hot they put the alcohol through it, it collects and flavors the bourbon with an intense smoky flavor. That was a dynamite find for a cocktail that was off the charts.

The ones made by people have been really good but the bacon vodka is kind of a gimmicky thing. It works, I've had worse. It has that smokiness to it, that liquid amino acid vibe so it's not bacon. It's kind of like when you buy Bacon Bits, which are fake bacon anyway, and make coffee out of it. It would taste like bacon, kind, of but not the best thing you've ever had.

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