Poland Bans Frankenfoods: Florida Activists and Representatives Move Forward

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Frankenfood on the cob?

The fight to label GMOs in the United States did not work out as activists had hoped in 2012. While anti-Frankenfood groups in the US are attempting to regroup from the failure of California's Proposition 37, across the pond they have managed to successfully do away with some strains--in Poland.

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Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk enacted a ban on BASF's Amflora Potatoes and Monsanto's MON 810 Corn. This was intended to bypass the EU blanket approval of GM crops, which went into effect on the first of this year.

The Polish ban, which will be enacted on January 28, was strongly supported by Greenpeace--which firmly criticizes GMOs. In a statement of approval Greenpeace Poland said, "The government has kept its promises."

Tusk and his center-right government promised to ban GM crops in November just after the Senate approved the registration and sale of the crops, which had been banned in the country until then. According to Tusk, due to EU rules, lawmakers had been forced to pass blanket approval of the GM crops.

In Florida, House Representatives are currently looking at taking on GMO labeling in the next legislative session, coming up in March. Representative Michelle Rehwinkle Vasilinda (D-Tallahassee) is currently researching the topic. According to her, "I'm studying the issue and I'm onboard. I think there should be transparency: people should know what they're ingesting."

While she fully supports the labeling of GMOs in foods, she is presently looking into the effects of genetically modified mosquitos--another big concern of anti-GMO activists. "Mosquito-borne illness can be catastrophic," she says, "I really want to look at each issue before moving forward. I want to cross my t's and dot my i's before moving ahead. I believe someone will be championing truth in labeling. I'm just not sure who's going to end up filing it."

Representative Mark Pafford (D- West Palm Beach) is also a supporter of labeling laws. While he is not interesting in sponsoring a bill himself, due to the six bill limit in the house, he says he will co-sponsor a bill. According to Pafford, " As somebody who is a diabetic, who is constantly trying to figure out what is going into my body, I think labeling is an important issue."

For anyone interested in hearing more about the subject, GMO-Free Florida is meeting at BM Organics this Thursday at 7 pm. The restaurant is located at 2960 North Federal Hgwy in Fort Lauderdale.

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Thank you Clean Plate Charlie for sharing this important information.  Poland for taking a stand. And Florida Sens & Reps for taking action that's meaningful for our health & our children!


Thank you Poland for throwing a wrench in Monsanto’s evil plan of controlling the food supply. Before America can make this same thing happen there is going to have to be a whole lot of people getting so angry that it provokes them to action. Mention the words “gun control” and people get so angry that they rally together. Why doesn’t the poisoning of our food supply do the same? The FDA isn’t going to protect us. They have become so corrupt that it’s clear protecting the American people isn’t even in the top ten on their priority list. It’s up to us


Thank God for countries like Poland. The same thing happening in the USA would literally be a miracle due to the corruption. Yes, this country is probably the most corrupt on the planet. Don't delude yourself. Everything is corrupt. Everything is about money. 

What is the point of releasing GE mosquitos? There is a natural balance provided by the Creator, which takes care of itself. There can only be one answer, and that is $$$$$.

What is the point of not labeling GMO's in our food supply? Why don't the Big Food companies want you to know what's in your food? YOUR FOOD!!!!! It all comes down to $$$$$ again. 

We have been betrayed people. Betrayed by the very same politicians time and time again. WAKE UP.


Poland has listened to the beekeepers and the farmers and banned pretty much the only two varieties of GE crops approved in the EU. The Polish government has kept their promise unlike our President who promised to label GE foods and did nothing but appoint former biotech employees to regulatory positions so they can approve the GE crops their former employers created. As for GE mosquitoes, there is no reason to use an area that hasn't had a dengue fever case in over 2 years as a testing ground for a potentially dangerous mosquito that is supposed to be used to reduce dengue(even though there is no evidence whatsoever that is has reduced dengue). How do you make zero cases of dengue any lower? Why release GE mosquitoes that express a synthetic protein based on sequences from the Herpes Simplex Virus and E.coli into the environment without conducting feeding trials using the wide variety of insectivore animals and plants in the Keys or conducting studies to look for potential adverse human health effects from the thousands of females they will release? Why not try something much cheaper and much more environmentally friendly first? How about using the native Florida Calicarpa americana around homes since studies suggest it repels Aedes aegypti and would potentially reduce the House Index? For some added benefit studies also suggest Calicarpa americana repels fire ants and some ticks too. Why not release a native Florida mosquito Toxorhynchites rutilus rutilus that doesn't bite(unlike the thousands of GE female mosquitoes they plan to release which will bite) which will eat eggs of not only the Aedes aegypti which only represents about 0.8% of the mosquitoes in the Keys but will also eat the eggs of Culex, etc. that also bite humans. Other countries are banning GE releases to protect their citizens and the Florida Keys Mosquito Control District is volunteering the citizens there as unwilling subjects in a potentially dangerous medical experiment. Maybe if Key West had the history that Poland has of being invaded by Nazis who performed experiments on people against their will, they would know about the Nuremberg Code.

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