One Grain More: Awesome Les Miserables Parody For People With Food Allergies

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Let's hear Hugh Jackman sing this one...
Let me start by saying as respectfully as possible that I think many people with food allergies are, um, not as sick as they make themselves out to be?

I recall an episode of Sex and the City where Carrie tells a server that she's allergic to parsley, when in actuality she just hates the stuff. When her boyfriend asks her why she lied she replies that it's easier to lie than to say she hates it.

Recently, I drove to Orlando to run the Disney Marathon. As I sat down at the bar of a crowded restaurant in Downtown Disney, I noticed a large sign near the servers' station -- "ask every guest if they have a food allergy". Gluten-free products have even made their way to Naples (Italy -- not Florida). During a recent trip to gouge myself with pasta and pastries, I saw a sign that touted gluten-free breads at a local shop. There they were among the beautiful loaves of still-warm manna -- a few sad little dried out bricks of something clearly not made of wheat.

When I was a little girl I was allergic to nearly everything -- eggs, tomatoes, wheat, mushrooms, peanuts, citrus, dairy and chocolate. Halloween was a dreadful affair because my mother used to sort out all the chocolate goodies from my trick-or-treat stash -- leaving me with jelly beans and taffy. I wasn't allowed to eat peanut butter or drink milk. I felt like an outcast when I was pulled from school on Wednesdays to go for another round of allergy shots. I drank soy milk before soy milk was "in."

Thankfully, I'm no longer allergic to these foods, but I'm a little skeptical about all these food allergies. Sure, there are some people with severe and legitimate allergies -- but when did we stop serving peanuts on airplanes because the peanut dust might affect someone in another row? And why does every server ask the allergy question? (If I'm allergic to something -- I won't order it, thank you.)

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