January Is National Soup Month: Pollo Tropical Offering $1 Soup on January 16

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No soup for you?
It's nearly halfway through January and we've had barely a whiff of a winter "cold" front, putting a damper on what would otherwise be prime soup season. But given that everyone and their dog is presently coping with a nasty headcold-flu-plague, it's a good time to think about comfort foods. Conveniently enough, January is National Soup Month (in case you're into celebrating made-up food "holidays").

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Pollo Tropical is celebrating soup in all its glory with a deal for customers on Wednesday, January 16. On that day, pick up a cup of their Caldo Gallego soup for $1. The soup is a warming concoction of white beans, ham, pork, chorizo, potatoes, and collard greens (sorry vegetarians).

Don't worry about coupons or additional purchases; all you need to do is walk up and say "Caldo Gallego" to the cashier (a "please" and "thank you" would be nice additions). There is a limit of two $1 cups of soup, however, so don't go nuts with it.

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