How to Eat Durian, AKA Stink Fruit

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What Does Durian Taste Like?
Once you've cracked the pod in half you'll see the inside contains a soft, pudding-like flesh that -- depending on the type -- will range in color from pale yellow to red. If the fruit isn't too ripe, the smell won't be strong. It gets worse as the fruit ripens, however. Some people like it, comparing it to almonds (that's most the red-fleshed variety). More people liken it to rotten onions, raw sewage, bad fish and gym socks (that's this guy right here). So what does it taste like? The creamy, buttery, custard-like flesh has a very muted, mellow flavor. It's not too sweet -- but it's not sour or tangy, either.

How to Eat Durian
Durian is eaten many ways, and used to flavor a wide variety of savory and sweet dishes, including ice cream, pancakes and cookies. In Malaysia durian is used to make pulut bubur, a sweet durian mush or "porridge" that combines sugar and coconut milk served over sticky rice. In the Philippines it's made into a milk-based pastilla, or sugary cookie-like dessert. In Sri Lanka durian is served as roti where it's mashed into a pulp and served inside a thin, flat-bread tortilla. And in Vietnam, durian flesh is rolled in rice paper and dipped into an egg batter before being fried to make sau rieng chien gion, or crispy fried durian.

Or you can eat it straight up, like we did. Enjoy!

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Dear Clean Plate Charlie,

I was happy to see that someone else in my country was enjoying durian, but dismayed to see your how-to!  Next time you write a how-to, please do a little more research! In fact, you opened your durian in a very silly way, one that would rarely work on a durian not pre-softened by the freezing process. Asians would laugh at you.

 Please see my site, dedicated to my yearlong research project on durian in Southeast Asia, to see the best way to open a durian:

Glad you enjoyed the experience



PS. Commercial durian is never red. :P

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