Hooters Gets Reconstructive Surgery

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Hooters of Kirby via Facebook
OK, who ordered two coats of primer?
Hooters, the casual restaurant chain that gave the world orange nylon shorts, hot wings, and the term "breastaurant", is getting some reconstructive surgery of its own.

The restaurant chain is starting on a campaign to join the 19th 21st century with new items designed to attract female customers (like -- no kidding -- salads), and a new design for some of its restaurants.

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Hooters of Kirby via Facebook
The new Hooters look.
The first location to undergo this boob job facelift is Hooters of Kirby, in Houston, Texas. The restaurant underwent a complete interior/exterior remodel including high exposed ceilings, painted ductwork, cypress wood walls, and light colored brickwork. The bar has been upgraded to included swiveled bar stools.

Hooters Kirby will serve as the prototype for future locations. So far, no word on which of the over 400 restaurants are next targeted for a remodel, but we'll keep you posted when any South Florida locations get some, um, work done.

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2020 Palm Beach Lakes Blvd., West Palm Beach, FL

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