Girl Scout Cookie Eating Contest at South Florida Fair

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Girl Scouts
Sure they're yummy -- but can you eat two dozen of them?
It's Girl Scout cookie time and that means everyone frantically running around trying to locate a troop of girls in green uniforms to stock up on Thin Mints and Samoas.

More than 9,000 Girl Scouts participate in the annual cookie sale, which runs through February 17, which means that you'll probably find these adorable sales-munchkins setting up shop in front of your local Publix or ringing your doorbell.

Hint: if you want to know exact locations, try this online cookie locator or call 866-727-GIRL (4475).

We know you love these cookies (we do too), but do you love them enough to eat two dozen at a single sitting? In front of a group of people? With your hands behind your back?

If you just said yes (or just want to watch), head out to the South Florida Fair on Sunday, January 27, at 3 p.m. for the Girl Scout Cookie Eating Contest, hosted by WILD 95.5.

Jason Pennington from the KVJ show will serve as MC of this spectacle, which has contestants trying to eat 24 assorted Girl Scout cookies in the fastest time possible. Each would-be cookie monster will eat three each of the eight different cookies available.

The prize for the winner? More cookies! The fastest cookie eater will take home an eight-pack sampler of Girl Scout cookies, and each participant will receive a box of cookies -- just for entering.

According to Lisa Johnson, vice president of marketing and brand management for

Girl Scouts of Southeast Florida, most of the contestants have already been selected, although they'll be looking for a few volunteers from the audience.

We suggest putting on a pair of stretchy pants and going for it!.

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South Florida Fair Grounds

9067 Southern Blvd., West Palm Beach, FL

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