Sorry, Drake: YOLO Has Been Trademarked

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Earlier this week, Canadian rapper Drake uploaded some instagram pictures of clothing bearing the acronym "YOLO" at a Walgreens and a Macy's suggesting the businesses pay up for using "his" catchphrase.

Clean Plate Charlie spoke to restauranteur Tim Petrillo, co-owner of YOLO in Fort Lauderdale to get his take on Drake's lawsuit threats. Petrillo's response, "I think Drake saying that is such a joke."

Why so funny? Because Petrillo actually holds the YOLO trademark.

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So here it is: the actual copyright. And it doesn't belong to Drake. Apparently, the rapper doesn't know much about law.


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Yolo Restaurant

333 E. Las Olas Blvd., Fort Lauderdale, FL

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So they own "YOLO YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE", but not YOLO. Are they claiming to hold the trademark to ONLY and ONCE too? Trademarks are only relevant in they're entirety.

What a waste of money registering that phrase was. 


"Apparently, the rapper doesn't know much about law."

Apparently, neither do you.  First of all, it's a trademark, not a copyright. And trademark ownership is specific to the type of business using it. Owning the "YOLO" mark for a restaurant does not mean you own it for apparel.


Canadian rappers are not relevant....

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