Where to Get Dim Sum in Greater Fort Lauderdale

Chinese broccoli at Toa Toa Chinese Restaurant.
When it comes to Broward county dim sum restaurants, the world is your chicken foot. Some offer steamed, fried and sautéed bites in the traditional pushcarts while at others you pick your meal from a checklist. The three-to-four-bite dishes are mostly standardized with everything from shrimp dumplings to baked and steamed buns filled with sticky-sweet chunks of pork. Yet some offer special items that are worth braving the ravenous weekend lunch crowd.

At China Pavilion we found veal with black pepper. More than a half dozen slices of veal ribs, with tender meat and narrow strips of fat on each edge attached to a small bone, came tossed in a thickened soy sauce gravy with just enough pepper to give each bite a hit of spice.

There's no real guideline to what you should order. Lok Tam, manager of China Pavilion, said Americans tend to find an item or two they like and stick with them. Chinese like to order a wide variety of the menu and prefer such sweets as deep fried sesame balls filled with sweetened bean paste or bite-sized tarts with egg custard.

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Location Info

Toa Toa Chinese Restaurant

4145 N. Pine Island Road, Sunrise, FL

Category: Restaurant

China Pavilion Restaurant

270 S. Flamingo Road, Miramar, FL

Category: Restaurant

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icculus17 topcommenter

"Greater Fort Lauderdale" gets used pretty freely around this website.

James Roth
James Roth

Thats one of my favorite Toa Toa Chinese and Dim Sum Restaurant dishes. Now I'm hungry.

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