The Ultimate Hangover Menu: Rawsome Eats Chef Nina Kauder Tells Us How to Get Rid of a NYE Hangover

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Don't you dare underestimate the power of the lemon to cure your booze-fueled ails.

Is everything too loud this morning? If you partied so hard on New Year's Eve that your hair hurts, you need to act fast to ensure New Year's Day isn't spent shriveled in a ball on the couch. Clean Plate Charlie has been searching high and low this week to find as many tips and tricks as possible to help readers battle the dreaded hangover. (See links below.)

Raw food private chef Nina Kauder -- of Palm Beach County based Rawsome Eats -- has given us the nitty gritty details on the ultimate hangover menu, and why these foods are what the body craves. After the jump, find details on what you should consume from the start of the day to the finish, so that you'll feel back to 100 percent by the time the evening rolls around.

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Plain ol' water isn't gonna cut it today. "Start your day with, and continue sipping, these rehydrating beverages throughout the day," Kauder said of these winners:

Warm water with lemon: Lemons are high in vitamin C and potassium, which stimulates brain, immune, and nerve function. Lemon juice helps flush out unwanted materials to aid digestion. Alkaline-forming lemon juice purges toxins from the blood and clears skin. Lemon juice freshens your breath. Lemon water distracts from those acidifying a.m. coffee cravings.

White or green teas with lemon (served before 5 p.m.): Tea rehydrates and the antioxidants support liver function, giving you a mini-cleanse and reducing some of the damage caused by booze.

Ginger tea (or, chew a few slices of candied ginger): Fresh ginger is a great remedy for the waves crashing in your stomach and aches and pain caused by dancing well into the New Year. Brew up a batch of fresh ginger tea and sip all day. Candied ginger can be stored for months and is a great stand-in for fresh ginger. The tea helps support liver function and rehydrates the body while gingerols soothe digestion, alleviate mild nausea, reduce congestion and mucous. It's also anti-inflammatory and improves circulation. It also tastes delicious.

What's for breakfast? Maybe rethink that greasy pile of eggs and bacon.

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Hi Nina - wonderful tips, as always.  Ever since your visit I have become a counter sprouter......I have sprouted garbanzo beans, white beans, sunflower seeds, flax seeds, lentils, mung beans and alfalfa seeds and more.  I snack on sprouts raw just like nuts or seeds. Love and light to you.


@saskiastars1111 You go, Chica!  I too, ADORE sprouting and the ridiculous amount of energy available to me when I eat sprouted seeds and beans.
(I'm embarrassed to say how much additional enjoyment I get from paying cents on the dollar for my own homegrown sprouts, instead of buying them from the retailer, hah!)  


Can you recommend a good coleslaw recipe that provides the probiotic benefits?


@bbyron Here is a favorite, fresh & light coleslaw, perfect for tropical or summery climes, rich in probiotic activity, sans messy, high-cal mayo.  I've added a few possible substitutions to vary for dietary and regional preferences. Try something new!

1head shredded cabbage, mix both green and purple
2 carrots, grated
1/3 cup vinegar (white, champagne, apple cider or even coconut vinegar all work)
1/2 cup raw olive, hemp or flax seed oil
1/2 tsp honey, agave nectar, or coconut syrup
1 1/2 tsp caraway seed
Salt and pepper to taste

Grated apple - I like tangy green best! 
1 bunch of broccoli stalks, shredded, or 1/3 package of broccoli "slaw"


Combine cabbage and carrots in a large bowl, along with optional shredded produce, if using either suggestion.

Pour the vinegar, oil, syrup and seasonings into a jar with well sealing lid and shake vigorously till a creamy dressing forms.  Pour over the cabbage, carrots and additions.

Mix until well combined. Add salt and pepper to taste.  Let marinate over night if possible, or make a head a few hours to meld flavors.  The longer this recipe sits, the better it will taste!  


Great article and recommendations, Nina! I am not sure about the lemon juice on the armpits, but I am sure that I will try the rawsome awesome food-related tips. Happy New Year!


@bbyron Hmmn....Don't knock it till you've tried it - after all, you never know!


Great tips, Nina! I always enjoy learning from you, and I look forward to reading your next article. Happy New Year ;-) S.King


@Sandi Thank you, so happy you wrote in.  I'll try to keep you interested in my next posts. Check out the probiotic-rich raw coleslaw recipe above and try it for your next tailgate or BBQ Par-Taay!

danieljmiron3 1 Like

Good, sensible advice.  I'd never thought of the probiotics, but that's
a sharp idea.  If you add some food-grade aloe to that smoothie, it'll
be even more effective.  And, not to be TOO challenging, some light
cardio work helps clear out the system, too.  Love it!


@danieljmiron3 Thanks for telling other readers about drinking Aloe Vera juice and gel.  I adore what it does for my body, inside and out and especially my complexion!   Happy new year!

tango1268 1 Like

Nice Job Chef Nina!


@tango1268 Thank you!  Remember, this advice isn't just for NYE hangovers - keep this in your arsenal for other 'big' occasions...   

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