Sunrise Meeting on Food Truck Fate Lasts Two Minutes Before Being Adjourned

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Food Truck fate in Sunrise still up in the air.
Yesterday, December 11, the Sunrise City Commission was supposed to vote on the fate of food trucks in the city.  On the agenda under "new business" was the following:

"Commission discussion and/or action re: Food Trucks"

However, it's difficult to have a Commission meeting without City Commissioners and, according to the official minutes, everyone but Mayor Michael Ryan was absent from the meeting, including Deputy Mayor Joseph Scuotto. Scuotto, you may recall, was the Commissioner who wanted to stop food trucks from rolling in Sunrise. 

Back in November, Scuotto told the Sun-Sentinel, "Why would I want to allow a rolling restaurant in my city when we have restaurants here already that struggle every day?" Scuotto, by the way, owns a pizzeria in Sunrise. 

 Also absent from the meeting were Assistant Deputy Mayor Sheila Alu, Commissioner Lawrence Sofield, and Commissioner Donald Rosen. Commissioner Rosen had said in the past that he was in favor of regulating food trucks in Sunrise rather than banning them altogether. 

 According to the meeting minutes, "Seeing no quorum, Mayor Ryan apologized and adjourned the meeting." Total time of the meeting: Two minutes.

 No word yet on when the City of Sunrise will discuss food trucks again.

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Allison Little Cosens
Allison Little Cosens

Scuotto sounds like a jerk and shouldn't be allowed to vote in the issue anyway.

Nancy Powers
Nancy Powers

That Is Putrid Politics!! Food Trucks Bring Tasty Joy!! Support Food Trucks!!!

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