Send a Denny's Holiday E-Card, Get Free Red Velvet Pancake Puppies

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Shhh...Santa's a felon.
Denny's red velvet pancake puppies are so gosh-darn cute, we'll forgive the 24-hour breakfast chain for serving up these gut-bombs.

Only on Christmas, we say, as we dive into these little balls of red velvet pancake batter stuffed with white chocolate chips, rolled in powdered sugar, and served with a side of (what else) cream cheese frosting to dunk the little critters into before popping them in our mouths.

With one day to go until the world ends and 11 days until our diet starts (you know...if the Mayans got everything wrong), we're eating red velvet pancake puppies -- especially when they're free.

When you send a Denny's holiday e-card to a friend (we like the fruitcake and the B&E Santa), you'll get an instant coupon good for a free order of red velvet puppies when you buy any entree (which start at $2.50). Click here to send the card and get the offer.

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