Want a Better 2013? Five Good Luck Foods for New Year's

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Pop some of these in your mouth for good luck
Hopefully, 2012 was an awesome and successful year. If not, that kind of sucks. On the bright side, there are some good luck remedies you can conjure up for the New Year. Do they work? Heck if we know, but trying never hurts.

We present to you five foods to help you get lucky in 2013.

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Said to bring prosperity and award off witches--because we know you are so worried about that--the tradition of eating grapes at midnight dates back to a Spanish custom that was centralized in 1909. The established practice is to eat twelve grapes with each strike of the bell at midnight on the New Year. While clock bells aren't exactly common place these days, the custom continues, and has been switched to consuming all twelve grapes within the minute. What started with Alicante grape growers attempting to sell all of their fruit, has continued on throughout most of the Spanish and, for that matter, Portuguese speaking world. Each of the twelve grapes is said to represent each consecutive month. Sour grapes are supposed to indicate bitter months. We suggest sussing out the grapes before the clock strikes twelve.

Black-Eyed Peas
Throughout the world legumes, in general, are said to bring financial prosperity. Let's be honest, they do slightly resemble coins--misshaped, that is. In the South, Black-Eyed Peas are the New Year's bean of choice. Served in a dish called Hoppin' John--a combination of the peas, rice, and the South's favorite animal, pork--the tradition dates back to the Civil War. There are now multiple variations to the tradition such as eating the dish with cornbread, which represents gold, or greens, which represent paper money. For the best chance of luck in the New Year, it is said that eating 365 peas to represent every day of the year results in the best fortune. Kind of sounds like fiber overkill to us.

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