New Year's Day Hangover Cures: Let's Get Scientific

640px-Eggs_3145g Wikicommons StaraBlazkova.jpg
4. Cystein
We mentioned eating a greasy meal before going out and greasy meal is probably the most mentioned hangover remedy in our extremely unscientific (but speaking from plenty of experience) newsroom poll. People assume greasy meal refers to some sort of breakfasty egg dish. Grease isn't necessarily the key here though. Eating a fatty (AKA greasy) meal before you drink helps slow absorption. After you drink, however, it's actually the egg you want. Eggs have lots of cystein which breaks down that awful acetaldehyde. They're also full of protein and provide energy which you need to feel better. So, it turns out that IHOP stop on the way home actually is a good idea.

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