Build a Menorah with Beer Bottles, Win a Contest from Schmaltz Brewing

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Schmaltz Brewing Company
Happy Hanukkah!

For Chosen People who love the holiday season, it can be a conflicting time of year. Sure, the sons and daughters of Abraham like to shop and celebrate and raise of cup of good cheer as much as any goyim, but with red and green decorations everywhere you can start to feel a bit left out.

Schmaltz HE'BREW Beer has released its HE'BREW Holiday Gift Pack and it comes with a contest just for non-gentiles. Well, the gentiles can play if they want. Jews don't exclude. As the Schmaltz slogan says, "Candles won't be the only thing getting lit."

Starting December 3rd, pick up a HE'BREW Holiday Gift Pack or visit the Schmaltz Facebook page for full full instructions on "How To Build Your Own Beer Menorah."

Drink your holiday brews and use the empties to create the sacred symbolic lamp to light the eight holy nights. The key is to be as creative with your entry as possible.

Follow the instructions and have a good time.

Post a picture of your creation to the Schmaltz Facebook page. Selected winners will get to choose from a variety of prizes - the full details of what those prizes will be will be posted to the Facebook page on Monday. L'chaim!

Visit to learn about Schmaltz full line of HE'BREW brewskis.

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