Watch Man Hold 45 Glasses in One Hand to Break World Record (Video)

Philip Osenton holds 45 glasses in one hand, leaving the other free to enjoy some cheese.
We're pretty clumsy here at Clean Plate Charlie. We trip over things, walk into doors, and break things. Especially glasses. That's why we love Ikea, home of the six-piece wine glass set for two bucks.

So we're adding the following to our list of things we can never accomplish (alongside climbing Mt. Everest, bungee jumping from the Grand Canyon, and having a small bourbon distillery run by squirrels):

Holding 45 wine glasses in one hand. At the same time.

Now, that may sound like a bit of trickery, but we assure you this is real. According to an AFP report, Philip Osenton, a wine consultant in Beijing, broke the world record for wine-glass holding on October 27. The previous record was set in 2007 in Barcelona with 39 glasses.

By the way, after Osenton broke the record by holding 45 glasses in one hand, he then broke his own record his second attempt, he held 51 glasses in one hand. Let's hope he's available to bar tend at our next party.

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