Unwanted Halloween Treats? Candy Buyback Program Gives Them To Soldiers

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But what do I do with the candy corn?
You and the kids made out like bandits at Halloween. The plastic pumpkins were filled with mini chocolate bars, tootsie rolls, and little bags of Skittles.

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Only thing is your peanut allergies make it impossible to enjoy those Reeses peanut butter cups. Or you have an aversion to Junior Mints.

Operation Candy Buyback allows you to take that candy and trade it in for more practical items like toothpaste and dental floss at participating dentists across south Florida. The candy is then sent to our troops overseas as a sweet reminder that we're thinking of them back home.

Each participating dentist (and there are dozens in south Florida) collects the candy and sends it to Operation Gratitude where it's added into care packages and sent to soldiers deployed overseas.

To find a participating dentist search by zip code here. It's suggested you call ahead of time to make sure that particular office is still accepting candy.

Here's a video showing how it works:

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If the IED's don't get our boys the candy sure will. Bad idea!

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