Swank Farms Events: Pricey, but They Make Great Gifts for Foodies

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Photo by Riki Altman
Guests enjoy passed treats at one of last year's Swank lunches.

It's November. That means, before you know it, you'll be beating past snotty-nosed kids waiting to sit on Santa's lap and perfume-spraying models on your way to Williams-Sonoma in an attempt to start holiday shopping for your favorite foodies. Egads. Maybe this year you'll be smarter and find them a really easy-to-get, truly appreciated gift like a pair of tickets to a Swank Table Farm Style event. 

Last year Swank Specialty Produce's owners, Jodi and Darrin Swank, brought in a host of amazing chefs who cooked innovative meals as guests learned about hydroponic growing houses and dined on things organic, artisanal and micro-brewed under a large tent. For 2013, a whole new lineup is at the ready, including chefs from Buccan, Café Boulud, Essensia, Market 17, 1500, and the Michael's Genuine hotshots.

Thus far, the fab events scheduled include a Pico de Garden Gala (Jan. 6), Hot Pink Lunch (Feb. 10), Wearin' o' the Green Salad (March 17), and something called Genuinely Swank (April 7). [Guess who will be cooking at that one. And, yes, Hedy Goldsmith will happily sign your new copy of "Baking Out Loud."]

All meals are held from noon to 4 p.m. and cost $150 per person. Yeah, that may seem pricey, but proceeds benefit charities like The Milagro Center, The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, The Red Cross, and James Beard Scholarship Foundation. And, we swear, you'll be served more than enough food and drink to justify the cost.  

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