Sunrise Mulls Food Truck Ban

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Food trucks may be banned from Sunrise.
If you live and work in Sunrise, you may have to drive out of town to enjoy dinner from your favorite food truck.

According to the Sun Sentinel, the Sunrise City Commission might ban food trucks from the city or impose regulations that would allow them to operate only during certain hours of the day.
On December 11, the City Commission will discuss the fate of food trucks. On the table is a proposal that food trucks be allowed in Sunrise only from 7 a.m. - 5p.m. The commission might also regulate where trucks may operate and require the rolling eateries to obtain city permits.

One commissioner wants to put the kabosh on food trucks in Sunrise altogether.  Commissioner Joey Scuotto told Sun-Sentinel, "Why would I want to allow a rolling restaurant in my city when we have restaurants here already that struggle every day?" Scuotto, by the way, owns a pizzeria which serves as an alternative office where he reads his official commission e-mails.

Food trucks may have someone in City Hall on their side, however. Commissioner Don Rosen has said he prefers the city require permits and set regulations rather than completely ban food trucks from the city altogether.

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Commissioner Joey Scuotto should not even be allowed to vote on this issue. As a restaurant owner he has an obvious conflict of interest!

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