Seminole Hard Rock Wine and Food Festival in Pictures

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hardrock manicure.jpg
Free manicures and massages? sounds good after a long day of wine tasting.

hardrock martorano.jpg
Steve Martorano serves up chicken parm for the crowd. Martorano is flying up to Savannah to guest on Paula Deen's show. We can't wait for that!

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Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Hollywood

1 Seminole Way, Hollywood, FL

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Beautiful day, beautiful women, great company, but terrible event.  Promoter misrepresented wine list by posting last years wines and not this years wines, and that was probably because they knew people would not go if they saw the garbage that they would be pouring. Think of 7-Eleven wines and you know exactly what I am talking about.

They ran out of a lot of  wine, food, and water by 3:30pm for an event listed from 1-5pm.  When we asked for water we were told it was only available for rinsing glasses as the servers needed all of it to rinse the garbage wine out of your glass before they poured some other garbage wine back into it.   I give this event and the promoter one big YUCK and highly recommend you skip it at any price if there is ever a 3rd annual. 

Remember, friends do not let friends drink horrible wines.


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