Fort Lauderdale Chef Ted Inserra Headed To The Big House, Hosts Party

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Ted Inserra is going to the big house. 
You know the scenes in mobster movies and television shows where the boys host a "going away" party for their friend? "Going away", of course, meaning "going to jail".

Thus is the case of Ted Inserra, Fort Lauderdale's favorite chef, who is hosting his own "going away party".

Inserra was sentenced to 30 days at Broward County Jail after being labeled a "habitual speeder" by Broward Sheriff's Office. 

What fast vehicle was Inserra driving, by the way? Was it a Porsche, Ferrari, souped up Charger? It was a scooter. 

"A very fast scooter," according to Inserra, 

 The party is tonight, November 7, at the Original Fat Cats. Starting at 9 p.m., you'll enjoy happy hour prices all night while you dance to Reggae band the Fourth Dimension. Ted has promised to get up on stage for a rousing rendition of "No Teddy No Cry". 

Seriously, in this day and age of everyone feeling sorry for themselves and copping a "woe is me" attitude when their cell phone runs out of juice, it's nice to see someone making lemonade out of lemons. Now if only those lemons had a file hidden inside.....

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Original Fat Cat's

320 SW Second St., Fort Lauderdale, FL

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its a habitual traffic offender, not speeder. and it results from driving with your license suspended, not speeding. i wonder if his lawyer knows about judicial withholds and clerk

 withholds to avoid being habitualized and it's very strange that he would get a jail sentence. at least his judge should be in a good mood, he just won his election yesterday.


I'll bring you a mini bottle of sauce to help spice up the food...

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