Details about Burt & Max's, the New Concept From Burt Rapoport and Dennis Max

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Just a few months ago, if you were to head west on Atlantic Ave from the Turnpike in Delray Beach, you would have found yourself in what feels like the middle of nowhere. Well, not anymore. Construction is well under way for a new shopping center on the corner of Atlantic Ave. and Lyons Road. When completed, the center will feature a variety of shops, the new Frank theaters with 12 screens and 16 bowling lanes, and some new restaurants--including the newest concept from Burt Rapoport and Dennis Max, Burt & Max's Bar and Grille.

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Sara Ventiera
Burt Rapoport in Front of the Entrance of the Restaurant

The restaurant wil feature a grass-covered outside amphitheater, outdoor seating area, firepit, and indoor and outdoor bar. The outdoor section of the bar will be comprised of a stone work with a slate ledge. Aside from the firepit, which is still being designed, the outdoor area will feature gas lanterns. Rapoport is currently working with the landlord of the property to bring in a farmers market at some point the future, but at the moment, that is still in discussion. 

Sara Ventiera
The Future Indoor/ Outdoor Bar of Burt & Max's

Inspired by the ambience of Sugarcane in Miami's design district, the decor is going for rustic industrial feel--with a reclaimed antique pine floor, vintage Edison light fixtures, and a 34-foot-long bar made from an actual tree. According to Pam Manhas of Manhas design, "It was really important to Burt that everything is authentic."

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One of the Lighter Offerings From Rapoport's "Eat Well. Be Well." Menu

With a wood-burning grill and wood burning pizza oven, the menu will consist of clean, simple food. Rapoport says the offerings will be similar to the Max's Grille concept with more small plates--think dishes like Prince Edward Island Mussels with chorizo, sofrito brodo, fresh thyme, and saffron crostini or wood-grilled chicken wings--and different portion size options--like the large plate seared bronzion "a la plancha" or Max's bacon-wrapped meatloaf. Rapoport's new "Eat Well. Be Well" menu of healthy dishes will also be on the menu. 

Currently, the restaurant is slated to open December 12.

Location Info

Burt and Max's

9025 W. Atlantic Ave., Delray Beach, FL

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Wow looks like another train wreck in store for Dennis Max.  Would someone please tell this man to move on.  His track record since the millennium has not been good.  I'm taking the under on this one, local bookies are saying 5 months.  These two say they want to be authentic, ha, to be authentic you actually have to be something, not just copy cats for the last 25 years.  I can't believe someone actually backed these guys again?  Slow news day?

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