Bill Clinton Chows Down at Cafe Boulud

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Bill Clinton dined at Cafe Boulud.
Bill Clinton, escorted by a group of secret service agents, walked into Cafe Boulud last evening at around 9:30 p.m. for an intimate dinner with 14 friends.

According to the Palm Beach Daily News, Clinton and pals dined at a courtyard table at the tony restaurant inside the exclusive Brazilian Court hotel.

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The former president was in town for a Bank of America presentation with George W. Bush. In typical diplomatic fashion, the President said the two men who both share the same title as once leader of the free world said "we had a good time", when asked about the evening.

Dinner guests received a same-day invite by Clinton aides. The impromptu dinner party included Palm Beach locals Nancy and Bill Rollnick, who served as special envoys during Clinton's second term, Michelle and Howard Kessler, and Elaine and Jerry Schuster.

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Cafe Boulud

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