Dear President Obama: You're in Hollywood Sunday; Let's Do Lunch

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Martorano's Italian-American Kitchen
Mr. President, you will love Martorano's. The owner, Steve Martorano, was a guy from south Jersey and Philadelphia who had a dream. He started a sandwich shop in his basement and turned it into an empire. The food is pure Jersey Italian, rich, red sauces, fresh steamed clams, and giant meatballs. Plus -- since you've been known to cut a rug, you'll appreciate that Martorano also serves as his own DJ, spinning the hits so you can work off your meal before jumping back into Air Force One.

Le Tub
Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King love the burgers at Le Tub. You remember Oprah -- one of the country's most powerful women and a huge supporter of yours? Yup -- that Oprah. Basically a shack on the water, Le Tub isn't the prettiest restaurant. It's decorative style could be chic. But, this is where the 47 percenters go for a fantastic burger and a pitcher of beer. Hard-working blue-collar people who depend on you to do right by them. So let's hang out and hoist a few while watching the one percent go by on their yachts. It's what real people do on a Sunday.

Jaxson's Ice Cream Parlor
I know you're a busy man, what with the campaign and a major natural disaster. Plus you're the father of two young girls (and someone's got to walk the dog). So, if you don't have time for a long lunch, I'll understand. But everyone's got time for ice cream! Jaxson's is an institution in these parts. Opened in 1956, this old-fashioned ice cream parlor is a place where families can go for good, all-American treats. I suggest a pina colada cone to remind you of your childhood in Hawaii. Then you can bring home a few pints of fresh banana and fresh peach for Melia and Sasha.

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Location Info

Le Tub Saloon

1100 N. Ocean Drive, Hollywood, FL

Category: Music

Martorano's Italian-American Kitchen

5751 Seminole Way, Hollywood, FL

Category: Restaurant

Billy's Stone Crab Restaurant & Market

400 N. Ocean Drive, Hollywood, FL

Category: Restaurant

Jaxson's Ice Cream Parlor Restaurant

128 S. Federal Highway, Dania Beach, FL

Category: Restaurant

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