A Buffet with Sushi, A Sake Bar, and All-You-Can-Drink Mimosas?! Santo's Modern American in Coconut Creek

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Photo Courtesy of IPEX Public Relations
Santo's Owners Eric Chen, Steven Wu, and Johnny You

Generally, when most people think of buffets, images of austere white spaces, bright fluorescent lights, and stainless steel bain-maries with plastic sneeze-guards come to mind.

The interior at Santo's Modern American Buffet & Sushi is a stark contrast to the average all-you-can-eat establishment-- walls covered with natural stone facade, sleek black tables, smooth white chairs, granite countertops, and, dig it -- a sake bar!

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The food is, for lack of a better term, eclectic. Santo's features many of the typical dishes found at Asian buffets: orange chicken, fried rice, lo mein, sushi. However, here, they decided to mix it up a bit. Well, maybe a lot. A grill station serves up roast steaks and smoked pork. The salad bar offers organic soba noodle salad, ceviche, and beef carpaccio. Hot entrees include everything from traditional Asian buffet classics to chicken parmesan and spinach gratin. The soup ranges from miso to lobster bisque. 

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Photo Courtesy of IPEX Public Relations
The front dining room of Santo's Modern American Buffet & Sushi

Another departure from the standard buffet is the bar. Santo's offers beer, wine, and sake. According to owner Johnny You, "We wanted to do a big sake bar, so people could get to know sake from this place." For $6 diners can order a sake tasting, which includes 3 flights. 

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Photo Courtesy of IPEX Public Relations

The buffet runs $12.95 for lunch and $19.95 for dinner. This includes everything: sushi, sashimi, salads, grill station, dessert. Drinks are not included. On weekends--Saturdays and Sundays-- Santo's also offers brunch. For $15.95, this includes the buffet and cooked-to-order organic eggs. All you can drink mimosas are an additional $7.

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Photo Courtesy of IPEX Public Relations
The Salad Bar

Clean Plate Charlie caught up with You to ask about the diverse offerings. "It's my background. I'm from New York. I've worked in all different kinds of restaurants--French, Latin, catering. I'm usually the only Chinese guy" he says.

santo's sushi bar.jpg
Photo Courtesy of IPEX Public Relations
The Ready-Made Sushi Bar

santos carving station.jpg
Photo Courtesy of IPEX Public Relations
The Grill Station

santo's hot entrees.jpg
Photo Courtesy of IPEX Public Relations
The Hot Entrees

Santo's Modern American Buffet & Sushi is located at 4690 N. State Rd. 7, Coconut Creek. Lunch is served Monday- Thursday 11-3pm and Friday 11-3:30pm. Brunch is available Saturday and Sunday 11- 3:30. Dinner starts daily at 5pm and ends at 10pm; 11pm Friday and Saturday.

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All you can eat worms.

I was excited to try this place. The buffet was impressive to look at, and while most of the food was really B, C quality, a few things were really good.  But after clearing our plate of oysters we found a moving worm on the plate.  We told 1 of the owners pictured above and he shrugged; then did absolutely nothing about it. When we asked where the oysters were from we got a very dubious response. "East Coast, I mean San Antonio..."

WTF man, when you serve someone a worm you should at least apologise, offer up something !

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