Padma Lakshmi Lets Man Eat Ham Off Her Body (Video)

Seattle Weekly
We'd eat food off that body.
Some lucky bastard got to eat a piece of Iberico ham off of Padma Lakshmi's body last evening.

No, it's not some lame Top Chef dream sequence. This really happened. In front of thousands of people. And that man was some stranger. OK -- he did donate $1,000 to charity, so we guess it's all good.

According to the Washington Post, the meat-eating occurred at the annual Capital Food Fight, a food & wine event benefiting DC Central Kitchen.

The event, which was attended by Anthony Bourdain, Andrew Zimmern, Carla Hall, and Jose Andres, raised more than $600,000 -- including the grand that Lakshmi got for letting someone eat a slice of pig flesh from her flesh.

What else happened at the Food Fight? Apparently Andrew Zimmern showed everyone a picture of squirrel testicles and Padma Lakshmi threatened Tony Bourdain with a light sabre.  Jose Andres snapped a photo:

Jose Andres via Instagram/Twitter
Padma Lakshmi uses the force to make Bourdain her bitch.

Here's an eight second video of the eating binge --- just long enough for you to wish it were you:

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