Politics Meet Food Trucks at Lynn University Debate (Photos)

All photos by Laine Doss
Thousands of people watched the debate and munched on food truck treats at Lynn University.
Thousands of students, political wonks, local campaign volunteers, faculty, and corporate bigwigs got together least evening to watch the third and final Presidential debate at Lynn University in Boca Raton.

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Guests who had a "golden ticket" to the event (actually it was a plastic badge) parked at Town Center Mall and were bussed into the University, which was filled with Secret Service, large German Shepherds, and assorted campus and local police. Once inside the grounds, a lucky few pressed on to the actual debate. The rest of us were shepherded onto the campus soccer field, which was turned into "President-a-palooza" for the evening.

Food trucks, cable television and cell phone sponsors, and a large AARP contingent were on hand to give out buttons, glow sticks (red, blue, or a combination of both for undecideds), and signs.Though the candidates were out of reach for the masses, there were photo ops -- with cardboard cutouts of the two men vying for your vote.

Kudos go to the food trucks, who were slammed with hungry Romney and Obama supporters in need of dinner before finding a spot on the lawn to watch the debate. A few trucks seized the opportunity to offer special "Obama" and "Romney"-inspired treats, while others preferred to serve up non-partisan bites.

Democrat, Republican, or Independent there one thing we can all agree upon -- suppertime!

debate bc tacos.jpg
The staff of B.C. Tacos serving up tacos for the masses. Even though Romney's dad was born in Mexico, there were no special Romney-inspired tacos on the menu.

debate mscheezious.jpg
Since both candidates have been known to say some "cheesy" things, you could say that everything on Ms.Cheezious' menu was "politically inspired".

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3601 N. Military Trail, Boca Raton, FL

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BC Tacos - so that is what Michael Phelps is doing after retiring from the Olympics....

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