Five Halloween Cocktails: Brain Hemmorhage, Witches' Brew, and More

The Jack-o-Lantern cocktail from Empire Hotel NYC.
Some love Halloween because of all the free candy. Others love the excuse to dress up like their favorite cartoon, super hero, or "sexy" ____ [insert random fictional character here]. And still more just look at this holiday as another excuse to go out, party, and get crazy drunk.

No matter what category you fall under, we've compiled some of the best Halloween-themed drinks out there so you can get your sweet treat in liquid form.

From a Jack O' Lantern garnish made from orange peel, to a blood-rimmed martini glass in honor of Dracula, and a witches' eye floater that uses frozen grapes, here are five cocktail recipes that are sure to make any Halloween party ghoulishly great:

The Jack O' Lantern(pictured above from the Empire Hotel in New York City)
The Empire Hotel's Lobby Bar serves this holiday seasonal concoction, dubbed the Jack O' Lantern, every year around this time. A potent mix, it's a drink that will really make you "light up" with excitement.

1 ounce Lucid absinthe
1/2 ounce Jack Daniels
A few dashes of orange bitters

Directions: Combine Lucid, Jack Daniels and three dashes of orange bitters in a rocks glass, add ice, and serve with an orange wedge (carved eyes will make it even more festive).

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